About Us

Who are we?

Bradley & Michelle

We are a husband & wife duo whose homesteading ambitions began in a small apartment in Chicago in 2020. Life was poignantly telling us to slow down and spend effort taking control of our lives. While we’ll admit that the slowing down part hasn’t exactly come to fruition, we decided (in what sometimes feels like one epic day) to take a sharp turn in our then-current trajectory. We’ve dedicated ourselves to learning how to live more intertwined and aligned with nature, to build healthier and more wholesome lifestyles, and to establish a future that brings self-reliance, community, and nature’s bounties to the forefront. 

In 2021 we moved to Mexico where we currently reside. We have taken on many hats in our separate and combined paths thus far- dancer, actor, artist, manager, retail employee, writer, barista, babysitter, teacher, student, personal assistant, – and we are spending our time here honing in on the many hats of a homesteader. Some of our greatest daily joys come from tending the garden, cooking up food that we’ve grown, working on DIY projects, and researching all the facets of what we want our homestead to grow to be.

We want to encourage others to take control of their lives in small and large ways. Baby steps. Making minor decisions and shifts in your everyday life can have a huge impact; we’ve started this blog not only to guide & inspire others but also to integrate ourselves more with like-minded individuals looking for similar shifts. Regardless of where you are mentally, locationally, and financially at this very moment, we are thrilled that you are joining us for our journey full of many baby steps, and we hope you can learn alongside us! We remember clearly what it’s like to start with just that impulse & desire for change.

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