Homemade Ketchup For Canning

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You’ll need a lot of tomatoes for this! It’s ideal to make this recipe in late summer when the tomatoes are plentiful and cheaper or your garden is producing.

Let’s get started!

Tools For Canning

01 Water bath canner & tools

02 1/2 pint jars w/ lids & bands

03 Fine mesh strainer or food mill

04 Small metal saucepan

05 Large stainless steel pot

07 Immersion blender

06 Tomato corer (optional)

08 Cheesecloth

Prepare Tomatoes


Core and quarter your tomatoes. Add them to a pot with the spices, and bring everything to a boil.

Continue to Boil


Add infused vinegar and continue to gently boil. It will take about 50 minutes for the mixture to begin to thicken.



You'll work on the consistency by blending it, pushing the mixture through a sieve, and returning it to a gentle boil for about 2 hours.

Can Ketchup


Ladle hot ketchup into hot, sterilized jars. Leave 1/2 inch of headspace and process for 15 minutes (adjusting for altitude).

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